MTANZ Code of Practice

At Southern Cross Dental, we believe in the importance of upholding high standards of integrity and behaviour within the medical technology industry. That is why we have adopted the MTANZ Industry Code.

The MTANZ industry Code is a self-regulatory code that enables patient and healthcare professional confidence in dealings with the industry and its products. 

"A close relationship between suppliers and the clinician is a key element in the innovation and development of medical technology products. This close relationship is a positive for patients who are the ultimate beneficiaries of advanced medical technology. However, this close relationship does require a clear understanding of ethical behaviours by both parties." 

The code regulates several key areas of industry activity.

  • Claims and endorsements in advertising material
  • Provision of product training and education by industry
  • Third party educational conferences
  • Hospitality for healthcare professionals
  • Consultancy arrangements with healthcare professionals

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